Our Packages


  • Land Surveys and Acquisitions: At the start of any construction project is the need to acquire land to build on. At Elite UAV we can provide a low cost solution to survey the potential project areas so that there clients can make more accurate decisions on either the viability of the land or fine tuning the final estimation, which in turn will save a great deal of money and time for the company. The more traditional way of taking these surveys not only took a lot of time but companies also wasting a lot of cash flow on these costly reports. Elite UAV Ltd can fly a given site depending on the size in normally under the hour and also provide the data and maps required for such a report within 2 days which along with the high level of detail this provides a quick cost effective service.


  • Real-Time Site Surveys: Live up to date 2D and 3D maps of a construction site have a massive benefit on the day to day running of a site. Elite UAV offer either once or twice monthly flights over the any given site which is presented back to the client on a handy timeline portal so that the overall progression of the works can be viewed. Along with this service clients are also able to take there own measurements, work out areas and use other inspection tools to improve and enhance the way in which the site is run and maximize the end profit!!! The advance in drone technology has is now so good that each flight or survey provides a lot of data, so clients are able to download this data on to other software programs such as Auto CAD and GIS software. Using the data in this way creates so many other opportunities from creating contour lines and elevations on a map to many other BIM solutions.


  • Aerial Inspections: The use of Drones/ UAVs has greatly improved the way in which a buildings or other large objects can be checked safely from a height without even leaving the ground. Elite UAV Ltd use high quality cameras on there aircraft to get the most detail as possible on these images for the clients to use. These images can be taken in stills or video format and are presented on a brand new re-usable USB stick. Most Inspection works are so different from one an other that each project is costed as a bespoke item bases.