What happens about securing the data ?

Elite UAV Ltd take security and privacy as the up most of importance. All current security measures are constantly updated where possible to keep up with the latest technology. All new clients of Elite UAV Ltd are allocated with either a New USB Memory stick or a Mini Hard Drive depending on the size of the project on which to store the data.

Do you just turn up and fly ?

No never. All flights that are undertaken will only take place once a full flight plan and operations manual have been completed. A full risk assessment will also take place before every flight even if the site has been visited before.

How far or high can you fly ?

Our permission from the CAA states that we have a maximum altitude of 400ft and 500m distance from the operator. This means that the aircraft will remain in Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) of the pilot at all times.

What if the weather is too bad for safe flight conditions ?

We closely monitor the weather leading up to the operations and communicate any findings that may make the flying not possible with the client with the intention to re-book a new flight as soon as possible.

What are the weather restrictions on flying ?

Elite UAV will not fly in winds that are over 25Mph or in medium to heavy rain. Any decisions on the safety of the flight will be solely down to the Pilot In Command (PIC) on the day of the flight.

Are you fully insured ?

Yes, we have full drone public liability of £5,000,000 which also can be increased if required. Along with specialist aviation insurance all of our airborne and ground equipment is also covered.