Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspections

Elite UAV carry out aerial video and photography works using only fully licensed CAA Approved and fully insured drone pilots throughout Bedfordshire, South East England and the UK.

By using a drones or UAVs for aerial inspections you will benefit from a service that gives you a highly detailed views from a variety of angles which has large advantages over conventional aerial photography such as aircraft or helicopter. The UAVs/drones can fly from ground level up to a maximum height of 400 feet, opening a whole new world of views and opportunities to get the image that’s required. 

In the past the only way was to hire small aircraft and helicopters which can be expensive, and they can’t fly lower than 500 feet above ground level.
This unique service is quick and simple to setup on location, money saving compared to larger aircraft and also can allow for the footage to be reviewed instantly through live feed technology on site before all the data is processed after the flight has been completed

Elite UAV Aerial Inspection Services Can be Used to Assist With...………

Estate Agencies when marketing a country estate, commercial property or family home then a short video using our drones can provide the potential buyer with a great perspective.

Roof Inspections our drone operators can provide you with detailed photographic roof surveys to assist in determining the condition of a roof, with close up detail of any problem areas. You can benefit from huge saving on expensive scaffolding and dangerous ladders, a photographic roof survey is a cost-effective way to view any roof.
Our drone can hover near any trouble spots to obtain high resolution still or video images. Clients may view the camera image on real time video screen, directing the pilot to the areas needed to be photographed.

Structural Surveys we can fly our drones around a building, which is much faster than moving towers or platforms, this means that multiple locations can be quickly accessed, allowing rapid diagnosis of a problem, with live video available on a ground-based monitor throughout.